Fight for your right!

In the locker room and right before we took the field to play in the Icelandic Cup Championship, our head coach ended his motivational speech with the short but internationally known Beastie Boys verse, “Girls, you gotta fight for your right to partyyyyyyy!” Only mere seconds after the referee’s final whistle blew the celebrations commenced. Coaches, staff, and players alike took those famous lyrics to heart as we all partied together into the wee hours of the night…

The champagne that was waiting for us in our locker room after being officially awarded the Icelandic Cup trophy!

We also had an awesome catered banquet at our home, Stjarnan facilities that same night

The party started early and ended late – just like any proper Icelandic get-together

Of course – there was never a shortage of beverages ; )

Gull – brewed in Iceland but dubbed the best standard lager in the world (cool fact)

Stjarnan blue flowers as a parting gift

Been at it since 8:00 PM until 2:30 AM…still flying high from the win and ready to brave the dance clubs of downtown Reykjavik (after parties and after-after parties included)

One thought on “Fight for your right!

  1. pabbi and móðir says:

    Way to celebrate like Champions! Go Stjarnan!!

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