The long-awaited and highly anticipated day had finally arrived, The Icelandic Cup Final. Although the weather gods seemed to be against us, nothing – not the heavy rain, strong winds, nor chilling temperatures – could stifle the collective excitement we felt as we prepared to face off against our biggest rival, Valur. With the heartbreaking overtime loss we suffered to Valur in regular season play still fresh in our minds, it seemed only fitting that we would have one last opportunity to hopefully exact revenge, gain ultimate bragging rights, and make history as the first Stjarnan FC team to ever be crowned The Icelandic Cup Champions.

From kick-off to the 90th minute, the game was incredibly fast-paced and extremely physical. There were moments where I caught myself wondering if I was indeed playing in the Icelandic Cup Final or whether I was battling in what felt like the Hunger Games come to life (if any of you have witnessed an “Icelandic slide-tackle” you would understand why). Despite the brutality of the match, the odds were ever in our favor and with less than 10 minutes remaining on the clock our attacking center-midfielder rocketed a shot from 25 yards out with Katniss-Everdeen-like precision into the upper V. Thankfully, we were able to weather the barrage of desperate, last-minute attacks our opponent mounted and hold on to our narrow 1-0 lead as the final whistle blew…

We did it! We made history! We were the Icelandic Cup Champions for the first time ever!


  1. Pabbi says:

    Great pics! Good luck in Russia next week!!

    Ast, Pabbi

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