It was a beautiful night to notch another three key points against the sixth placed team in the league, HF Hafnarf Jardar. Not only did we come away with a decisive 7-1 victory, V and I also tallied our long-awaited and much-anticipated first points for the Stjarnan statistic book! V had two characteristically beautiful assists and I scored two lackluster goals off of set pieces.

Admittedly, I robbed V of a goal when she beat her defender and headed the ball with conviction towards the back of the net. The keeper was clearly beat, however, there was a defender in mid-swing on the goal line ready to clear the ball to safety. Making a split second decision, I decided there was nothing left for me to do but rob V of all her hard work and tap the ball in as a necessary precaution. Looking back on the play, I think my reaction was underscored less by cautious forethought and more by a center back’s desire for a fleeting moment of glory.

Thankfully, my roommate and teammate has since forgiven me and we are able to look back on this night as a memorable stage of our Icelandic journey.

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